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School Supplies & Scholarships serves lower- and middle-class high school students committed to going to college after graduating.



To support our future leaders at risk of the school-to-prison-pipeline by empowering them to enter college and obtain a bright future



Torey Cohen-Boseman (center) began School Supplies & Scholarships after reminiscing on his transition from high school to college. Once he graduated high school, he had nothing to move in with but his clothes. Thank God for his dad who took him to Walmart and bought him the necessities to live off and utilize while in college. 

He decided to create an opportunity to help graduating high school seniors going off to college, with provisions of school supplies and scholarships so that they would not have to experience not having what they need to not only begin but to succeed in college.

Many low and middle class students around the country are recipients of grants and scholarships that cover tuition, but many forget about living expenses. School Supplies & Scholarships fills that gap of providing the basic necessities every student needs to live on campus or at home as well as provides scholarships to help students become financially clear.


Are you a high school senior getting
ready for college? 

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